As result of the project and its information and dissemination activities we expect a high awareness of the need to prepare for effective skills and knowledge management among SME in MEI.

The results of the online survey and the in-depth interviews will give the involved social partners, companies and other stakeholders information about the situation, the obstacles and the needs of companies (especially SME) to provide effective structures for education and training and HR development.

The social partner will have better capacities (tools and methods available, printed and online information, knowhow, networks, …) to support companies managing skills and knowledge. A strong network of key actors will work on improving the framework conditions for companies for ensuring training and educational structures.

As a result, companies, especially SME, will better manage skills and knowledge; employees will raise their competence, qualification and skills levels, improving their employability. Thus, companies are more competitive, safe-guarding existing jobs and creating conditions for new jobs.

Both, companies and social partners are better able to anticipate, prepare for and manage industrial and demographical change and prepare for future job and skills needs.

The project partnership results into a strong network of key actors in the metal and electro sector on national, transnational and European level, providing support to each other also after the end of the project.

The project provides input on management of change for the European debate and the role of social partners in setting the framework conditions for companies and employees to engage in training and education and other HR strategies.